Arizona Silent Service Memorial (ASSM)
      The following images contribute to the history of the Arizona Silent Service Memorial (ASSM) Project that began in 2013.  These documents and photos show the final portion of the memorial's construction of the memorial base and the model submarine that will be erected on the grounds of the Wesley Bolin Plaza, Phoenix, Arizona.  The historic letter that approved the ASSM project by the Arizona State Department of Administration dated June 10, 2020 allowed the construction to begin.  Most of the images shown on this page were taken by Dan Marks, USSVI Perch Base Webmaster. More photos and additional information can be found on the Perch Base Chapter's website.  Click here to watch the FOX NEWS TV Phoenix Channel 10 broadcast of the event.

The Approval Letter

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The ASSM Construction Team


     Standing left to right in the photo on the left are: Brian Petko of Petko Construction LLC, Phoenix, AZ; Dan Marks, Perch Base Webmaster; Joe Stevens, General Manager of Sunland Asphalt & Construction, Phoenix, AZ; ASSM Committee Chairman Tim Moore; ASSM Memorial Designer Renee Palmer-Stevens; Kevin Fisher, Sunland Asphalt & Construction Project Manager; ASSM Committee Treasurer Marcus Hensley; ASSM Committee Secretary Chris Urness;  and, ASSM Copper Sculptor Nate Decker. Missing from the photo are: founding ASSM Committee Chairman Dan Moss; ASSM Committee member Layne Moss; and, ASSM Committee Member Davy Jones, ASSM Webmaster, Ray Olszewski. The photo was taken on 24 Janury 2020 at the site where the ASSM Memorial will be erected.
ASSM Construction Progress

The ASSM Memorial Base

(These Photos were taken between 24 January 2020 to 4 February 2020)

The Memorial's Submarine

(Construction Underway at Castle Steel, Phoenix, Arizona)

The following photos were taken between 7 February and 9 March, 2020.

The Merging of the Memorial Base and Submarine Model

It's Coming Together and Getting Close!

(Photos taken 6/23/2020)

ASSM Ground Breaking Ceremony 3 August 2020

Although you were resting in peace, you were with us today, Tim.

The following selected photos taken by Perch Base Webmaster Dan Marks were taken between 6-12 August 2020.  More detailed information such as descriptions created by Dan can be found on the Perch Website.

The following photos taken by Dan Marks of the Perch Base show the completion of the memorial's retaining wall. On 08/13/2020, Dan Marks writes:  "Three Perch Base members (l-r) Marcus Hensley, Don Unser, Dan Marks "supervising" that the Lost Boat blocks go in the right place. There were 3 expert brickmasons, so I think we got the leader/worker ratio just about right for a job on state property, even if it is being done by Sunland Construction, a private company!"  Stay tuned for more!

The following photos of the construction were taken 21 and 24 August 2020. 

The following photos marked the arrival and installation of the central piece of the ASSM Monument at the Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza on 27 August 2020.  Thanks go to Marion Cartland and Dan Marks for some of these photos. Click here for more photos and some neat descriptors that are published on the Perch Base Chapter Website.


Here are more photos taken 9/14/2020 of the Construction Progress

The photos are a mix of the Lost Boat pavers and those custom made purchases by individuals.  Click here to purchase your paver today!

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