You can help us build the Arizona Silent Service Memorial in Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza, the “front yard” of the Arizona State Capitol building in downtown Phoenix, Arizona.


The Arizona Silent Service Memorial Foundation is a designated 501(C)(3) non-profit organization. Your tax-deductible contributions will make you eligible to win 1 of 2 $500 GiftCertificates towards the purchase of your choice of a replica of one of Mel Douyette’s Cold War Submarine models as advertised in the American Submariner magazine. There are two alternative opportunities to win.  One is through cash donations and the other is by purchasing Memorial Pavers.




USS Los Angeles SSN-688                                                                           USS George Washington SSBN-598


Cold War Submarine Replica Winning Opportunities – 2-$500 Gift Certificates


$10.00 Donation  – 1 Chance  to Win

$15.00 Donation  – 2 Chances to Win

$20.00 Donation  – 4 Chances to Win


Donors who purchase Memorial Pavers through our website, will be awarded chances to win a $500 Cold War Submarine Gift Certificate as follows: 2 chances for a 4”x 8” engraved 3-line paver and 4 chances for 8” x 8” 6-line engraved paver.


You can make your cash donations by visiting our website and clicking on a donation link or by sending checks made payable to the ASSM and mailed to:


                                        Arizona Silent Service Memorial

                                        PO Box 86155

                                        Phoenix, AZ 85080


All mail in donations must be received by NO LATER THAN 11/15/18. Website donations will be open until 11/20/2018.  The winner’s name will be announced no later than 11/30/2018.

Thank you for supporting the Arizona Silent Service Memorial project.