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Aaaaooogah! Aaaaooogah! Aaaaooogah!

The Arizona Department of Administration has given full approval for the establishment of the Arizona Silent Service Memorial Project.

CLICK HERE to read the historic letteralong with construction progress images. CLICK HERE for the message from the Chairman, Tim Moore, of the Accomplishment!


Lost Boat


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Postwar records compiled after the end of World War II, indicate that Japan lost 686 warships of 500 gross tons or larger and 2,346 merchantmen for a total of 10.5 million gross tons of shipping to submarines during 1600 war patrols.  Submarines represented only 1.6% of naval manpower in the Pacific and these submarines were responsible for more than half of the enemy tonnage sunk. 


American causalities included 52 submarines lost taking the lives of 374 officers and 3,131 enlisted men.  The submarine force lost 25% of those who served which represented the highest percentage of fatalities of any U.S. military force in WWII.  Our WWII submarine veterans paid a high price for our freedom…we shall never forget their sacrifice.

A Lost Boats Memorial Wall behind the ASSM monument is planned that will feature engraved blocks for all Lost Boats.  Lost Boat Sponsors will receive an engraved 8” x 8” Memorial Paver installed in the "footprint" at the base of the Memorial Wall. You will also be recognized on a Lost Boat Memorial Plaque to be installed at the memorial site.

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Progress to date!


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