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Arizona Silent Service Memorial (ASSM) Monument

Dedication Day

28 September 2020

Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza

Phoenix, Arizona


The Lei Cutting Ceremony


Co-Chair Marcus Hensley:  We begin with a blessing by Perch Base Chapter's Chaplin Mike Olsen:


     "Almighty God, you know the final dwelling place of generations of Submariners who have given their lives for this country.  We stand here today to dedicate this humble memorial to honor the sacrifice and history of those men who volunteered to serve their country in Submarines, and especially those,...honored here,...who gave their lives in this service.  You have truly blessed America and we gratefully acknowledge your grace and freedom.
     Gracious God, you have been faithful yet we have been forgetful.  Forgive us that it only takes one generation to forget the names of those who gave their last full measure of service to our country. ....To those beyond the Silent Service, they become a mere statistic, a faceless casualty.  Today we stand at this memorial to challenge that apathy.  We forever, hereby, enshrine the names of the lost Submarines and their crews.  We vow to not forget their sacrifice; that they not die in our often distracted memory.
     We stand here with profound gratefulness, as we dedicate this monument to forever sit on this hallowed ground.  We pledge to treat it with dignity and every once in a while to stop and bow our heads and remember.  God bless this ceremony of honor.  God, bless America. We ask this in the name of our God and Savior. Amen."

Co-Chair Marcus Hensley continues...


     "I have heard and used the expression that Submarining is a team sport many times over the years.  Today, I can tell you that building a Submarine memorial is a team sport.  Over the past 7 years there have been many people involved in moving this along to what you see today.  I want to take a moment to recognize some of them.  First, thank you to Sunland Construction who is our general contractor, Castle Steel who built the submarine, Nate Decker of the Block Project who is our artist, sculptor, painter, and welder, Renee Palmer Stevens who is our architect, Striking Stone who created our pavers and the engraving on the lost boat wall, CACI International, Dillon’s KC Barbeque, and Freeport MacMoran who are some of our major donors.  Without these companies being involved this thing would not have gotten built.  To The veterans involved from the start when it was simply a notion in 2013 to getting State approval and a Senate bill passed in 2014 to the 5 years of concerted effort fundraising and seeking in kind donations to finally starting construction during March of this year to working on the project despite the challenges of 2020 to finally completing this on site during one of the hottest summers on record have been nothing short of amazing.  Of course, I would expect nothing less from Submariners."


Co-Chair Marcus Hensley reads the United States Submarine Veteran's creed:


     "To perpetuate the memory of our shipmates who gave their lives in the pursuit of their duties while serving their country. That their dedication, deeds, and supreme sacrifice be a constant source of motivation toward greater accomplishments. Pledge loyalty and patriotism to the United States of America and its Constitution."  It is to our nearly 4000 shipmates who remain on eternal patrol on our 65 lost boats that this memorial has been built for and today I believe we have perpetuated their memory."


Co-Chair Marcus Hensley continues...


     "The traditional greeting of a Submarine returning home from a successful mission is a Hawaiian Lei.  Today for our ribbon we will be using a Lei to carry on this tradition and to celebrate the successful accomplishment of our mission to build this memorial.  The Lei today is made up of Blue, Gold, and Silver.  The Blue and Gold are the traditional colors of the United States Navy.  We also use the Gold and Silver to symbolize the gold and silver dolphins which are the symbol of a qualified Submariner.  Although officers wear gold and enlisted wear silver we could not succeed without both."

USS Honolulu (SSN-718)


     Co-Chair Marcus Hensley announces: 


         "Now with the cutting of the lei, I declare the Arizona Silent Service Memorial to be open to the public."


Arizona Silent Service Memorial Monument

stands in recognition to all who served in U.S. Navy Submarines


Lei Cutting by

ASSM Foundation Committee members Co-Chair Marcus Hensley, Secretary Marion Cartland, and Treasurer Joe Trotter.

ASSM Foundation Committee Co-Chair Marcus Hensley welcomes visitors to tour the monument.


In the above photos, members of the Submarine Veterans National Organization, USSVI Perch Base Chapter tour the only memorial at the Wesley Bolin Memorial Park to honor and pay tribute to all submariners.
Ceremonial Lei for the special occasion was hand crafted by Heather and Kaitlyn Hensley
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