ASSM Donation Options

     The Arizona Silent Service Memorial (ASSM) Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that was established on 8 July 2014. Please note that 100% of all donations allowed by law are tax deductible.  Check with your tax filing preparer for more information.  Here are ways you can donate:

ASSM Brick Paver Program

A separate page provides an online order form or a mail-in form to purchase a 4"x 8" or an 8" x 8" engraved brick paver. 

Click here to take you there.

Sponsorships Available


Lost Boat Plaques (65 total, 1 available) - $500 each

Promotional Services/Engraving - $1,500

Submariner Dolphins Gold Insignia - $2,000 - Chris & Rose Urness - Anthem, AZ

Submariner Dolphins Silver Insignia - $2,000 - Davy Jones - Phoenix, AZ

The Podium - $2,000

Memorial Benches - $2,500 Each

The Viewing Platform - $3,000 - ARC Impressions (Printers)

The Navy Seal Medallion - $5,000 (Albertsons/Safeway)

The Great Seal Mosaic - $5,000 (UPS Sponsored)

Copper Material for the Monument - $7,500 - Freeport McMoRan, Phoenix, AZ

The Arizona State Flag Wall - $8,000

The Lost Boats Memorial Banner $8,500


Sponsors will receive a memorial paver and their names will be engraved on a metal plaque for their contributions.  These will be installed at the memorial site. 

ASSM Online Donation

     The ASSM has obtained the services of PayPal the trusted organization to process donations electronically using PayPal, Master Card, Visa, American Express, and Discover charge cards.  One does not have to have a PayPal account to use the charge cards mentioned as PayPal allows you to use the aforementioned charge cards with no extra fees or charges.  Throughout this website and if you see this icon, clicking on it will allow you to make your donation.

Check or Money Order

     Send a Check or Money Order made payable to the Arizona Silent Service Memorial or ASSM, and mail to the following address:

ASSM Foundation

PO Box 86155

Phoenix, AZ 85080

Fund Raising Events
    The idea of fund raising events is being discussed.  When these are developed, announcements will be made on this website and by email and other advertising methods. To be notified by email of the progress of fund raising activities or the memorial click here which will take you to where you can sign up to receive our notifications. 
Corporate Sponsorships

     Contact the ASSM Chairman or Vice Chairman by email, phone or mail as follows: 

Chairman Tim Moore, Phone:  (602) 574-3286

Founding Member Dan Moss, Phone:  (602) 866-8506

ASSM Foundation, PO Box 86155, Phoneix, AZ 85050


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