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     This is a new page that was added to the ASSM Website on 20 October 2020.  It is a collection of comments and feedback made about the Memorial.  If you have comments and/or feedback, please send to the ASSM Foundation Co-Chair, Marcus Hensley.  All comments received will be reviewed and approved before publishing.  If you visited the Memorial and have photos of your event there, please share them.  If there are any individuals in the photo that you send, we ask that you identify them.  The latest comments received are on top - a good place for all submariners to be.  Ray Olszewski, Webmaster
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3 November 2020

Dewayne Lober

I am very happy to have the ASSM in front of the AZ capital. As a Submarine Veteran I am very proud to be a part, although a small part of this project. I donated money and bought a few bricks but the people that brought this protect to completion should be commended. 

21 October 2020

Ed Brooks, LT, USN, Retired

A Cold War Submariner

More than three thousand men (submariners) found their final resting place at the bottom of the world's oceans. They have no granite grave markers where friends and family can visit and lay flowers. All they have is a name etched in a number of memorials like the "Arizona Silent Service Memorial". Our country owes them that and more! It's a place we can go and remember them and hold hands over our hearts, pray for their souls, and tell them; "Sailors Rest Your Oars". 

21 October 2020

Thomas Lewis

I served  with pride most of all I miss the comrade ship sub sailors had [with] one another..
21 October 2020 Doug LaRock

The memorial means an opportunity to honor some good people that I knew including the young me.  Live Liberal!

20 October 2020

Dale Holland


There are very few submarine memorials across this country, very few.  They are scattered about, yet nothing on a national scale.   Those shipmates that were lost while serving have no grave markers, no reminders of their service; they are only remembered by those who serve.  The public knows little of the “silent service” (for good reason), a memorial at this level sheds some light on our secretive world and gives those who served some well deserved recognition.




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