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A Tribute Honoring

Arizona World War II Submarine Veteran

Addison Boyd Pinkley, LTJG


Tucson, Pima County, Arizona

    Addison Boyd Pinkley was born on 26 June 1914 in Tucscon, Pima County, Arizona to Frank A. and Lucy Edna Townsend Pinkley.  At the time of the couple's second child, a son, was born, Frank earned a living as an employee of the National Park Service in Arizona.  The couples first child was a daughter, Nancy Margaret. 


     A news article announced the marriage of Addison and Martha Jean McWhirt on 15 November 1940.  The couple were both graduates of University of Arizona and it is noted in the article that Addison had graduated from the New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell.  Another news article reported he was employed as an Engineer at the Bureau of Reclamation.  The article went on to report he graduated University of Arizona in 1940 and was a member of the Theta Tau fraternity.


     Addison Boyd Pinkley was commissioned as an Ensign in the U.S. Navy Reserves on 21 March 1943. According to a number of newspaper sources, he attended Princeton University for his "...basic Navy training" at the Navy Training School in Redding, California.  Shortly thereafter, he attended a ten-week long course at the Diesel Training School at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.  

     By 31 March 1943, Navy Muster Reports show that 14 Ensigns to include Pinkley reported to the USS R-13 (SS-90) "for instruction in submarine(s)".  The R-13 was operating out of Key West, Florida at the time.  By 25 July 1943, the muster reports further reflected that Addison was on board the USS Gunnel (SS-253) as a passenger along with a number of other officers.  Of note is that the inclusion of information of Naval officers in the Navy Muster Reports is rare. At that time Pinkley was on the Gunnel it was between its 2nd and 3rd combat war patrols and was at the Naval shipyard, Mare Island. His profile found on reflects he was promoted to Lieutenant (junior grade) on 1 January 1944. 

   No documentation was found that shows his whereabouts from the time he was known to have been on the Gunnel (25 July 1943) as a passenger to when he was lost on Gudgeon on or about 18 April 1944.  When Pinkley actually first reported aboard the Tambor class diesel electric submarine USS Gudgeon (SS-211) is unknown. It is possible, Pinkley made Gudgeon's previous 3 combat war patrols, #9, #10, and #11; but, there is no information to confirm this. One source, reflects Pinkley was on Gudgeon for its 8th, 9th, and 10th combat war patrols. As pointed out earlier, Pinkley was found to be on the Gunnel at the time Gudgeon was deployed on its 8th patrol between 15 April 1943 and 25 May 1943. Pinkley very well may could have joined the Gudgeon at Pearl Harbor, Territory of Hawaii prior to its 9th war patrol between 1 September 1943 and 6 October 1943 and made the remaining and last patrol, #12 when it departed Pearl on 4 April 1944 and was lost at sea on or about 18 April 1944. 


USS Gudgeon (SS-211) Ship's Insignia USS Gudgeon (SS-211) Gudgeon Loss Location
Gudgeon's Crew (date unknown)


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