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A Tribute Honoring

Arizona World War II Submarine Veteran

Mervin Mayer Rogers, S1C(QM)


Central, Arizona

    As listed on the plaque, Marvin M. Rogers is actually Mervin Mayer Rogers born on 3 August 1924 in Central, Graham County, Arizona to David and Ida Catherine Jenkins Rogers.  The couple raised five children (3 sons and 2 daughters) while David worked as a farm laborer.  Mervin was their fourth child who attended Thatcher High School.   According to newspaper sources, As a Junior Student, Mervin was one of the speakers who spoke on the subject of leadership at a class sponsors dinner.  Mervin graduated on 11 May 1943. 


   On 12 May 1943, Mervin was inducted into the U.S. Naval Reserves in Phoenix, Arizona. Very little information was found about his activities after that, but it is believed he received and completed his basic training at the Naval Training Center, San Diego, California. From there he is thought to have been sent to the Navy's enlisted basic training school, New London, Connecticut. Two Navy Muster Reports found indicate his he was assigned to the Submarine Division 121's Relief Crew and from there reported to the Gato class diesel-electric submarine, USS Harder (SS-257) on 25 July 1944. At the time, the Harder was in Fremantle, Australia resting from its 5th war patrol and preparing for its 6th.  On 5 August 1944, the Harder, with 79 crew members, under the command of Commander Samuel "Sam" D. Dealey, USN departed Fremantle for its 6th, and final patrol.  On or about 24 August 1944, the Harder was lossed at-sea with all hands reportedly sunk by enemy depth charges.


USS Harder Hit Em Harder Insignia USS Harder (SS-257) Harder's Loss Location
USS Harder (SS-257) Ship's Crew Photo (Date unknown)

  More information about and the names of its crewmembers, go to the following link:

    Of note, the submarine dolphin pin insignia is not shown as Rogers was not on board the Harder long enough to complete his qualifications to earn the award. 


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