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A Tribute Honoring

Arizona World War II Submarine Veteran

Lynwood Shults, MoMM2


Morenci, Arizona

    Lynwood Shults was born on 16 July 1920 in Stratford, Oklahoma to James Obra and Audney May Jones Shults.  James earned a living as a meat cutter in a business he owned while the couple raised their three sons and a daughter.  Lynwood was the oldest of the children.  At the time he registered in the Draft, his record reflected he was living and working in Morenci, Greenlee County, Arizona and employed by Phelps Dodge Corporation.   


   On 10 September 1942, Lynwood enlisted in the Naval Reserves in Phoenix, Arizona. He received basic training probably at the Naval Training Center located in San Diego. From there he probably received basic enlisted submarine training at New London, Connecticut. After that he was found to be assigned to the submarine tender, USS Holland (AS-3) on 25 March 1943 where he was found to have reported aboard. He remained on the Holland until 23 April 1943 and was assigned as part of the Relief Crew of Commander Submarine Division 22 whose flagship stationed on the USS Snapper (SS-185). On 21 August 1943 Fireman First Class Shults reported to the Gato Class USS Gudgeon (SS-211) which was in port Pearl Harbor, Territory of Hawaii getting prepared for its 9th combat war patrol. While serving on Gudgeon, Lynwood made three combat war patrols (#9, #10, and #11). During that time, Lynwood also became qualified in submarines and was promoted to Motor Machinst Mate Second Class Petty Officer (MoMM2c). On 4 April 1944, the Gudgeon with a crew of 81 under the command of Commander Robert Alexander Bonin, USN departed Pearl Harbor for its twelfth and last combat war patrol. On or about 18 April 1944, the USS Gudgeon (SS-211) was attached by an enemy air attack and sunk with all hands on board.


Gudgeon Ship's Insignia USS Gudgeon (SS-211) Gudgeon Loss Location


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