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Arizona Silent Service Memorial


17 April 2021



Legislative Proclamation


Arizona Silent Service Dedication Day


Whereas, the Submarine Service, also known as the Silent Service, has been crucial to the defense of the United States of America since its inception in 1900.  Specifically, the US Submarine Service has been instrumental in carrying out critical top-secret missions, providing invaluable real-time intelligence, and acting as a major deterrent, in all theaters of operation, including WWI, WWII, the Korean War, Vietnam War, the Cold War, Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom, and Enduring Freedom.  Although the Silent Service has provided, and continues to provide, heroic efforts to the protection of the United States, their efforts and their sacrifices, by nature, often remain unrecognized; and


Whereas, Arizona service members were among those who served in the Silent Service, seventeen of whom have given their life in the line of duty and remain on Eternal Patrol; and 


Whereas, Arizona's special connection with the Submarine Service having the following namesakes:  USS PHOENIX (SSN-702), USS TUCSON (SSN-770), and the recently announced USS ARIZONA (SSN-803).  In naming the USS Arizona, The Acting Secretary of the Navy, Thomas Modly, stated “It is my fondest wish that the citizens of the great states of Arizona and Oklahoma will understand and celebrate our Navy's desire to memorialize the 1,177 heroes who perished in USS Arizona (BB-39) and the 429 more in USS Oklahoma (BB-37) in Pearl Harbor, on Dec. 7, 1941,"; and


Whereas, Navy Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz, Commander in Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet and Commander in Chief, Pacific Ocean Areas during World War II stated “We shall never forget that it was our submarines that held the lines against the enemy while our fleets replaced losses and repaired our wounds.”; and


Whereas, the Arizona Silent Service Memorial will be dedicated at the Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza in Phoenix, Arizona on April 17, 2021; and


Whereas, in view of the foregoing, it is entirely befitting that the State of Arizona recognize the sacrifices made by all United States military personnel who served in the Silent Service, thereby honoring all who have helped ensure the freedoms we enjoy today.


Now, Therefore, Representative Jennifer Jermaine and Representative Kevin Payne invite the Members of the Arizona House of Representatives to join them in proclaiming April 17, 2021 as The Arizona Silent Service Dedication Day.


Dated this 15th day of April 2021




                                                                                  Representative Jennifer Jermaine

Legislative District 18




                                                                                  Representative Kevin Payne

Legislative District 21


An official copy of the above declaration signed by the Arizona State Governor can be found by clicking here.


   About 100 attendees were at the dedication of the Arizona Silent Service Memorial at the Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza, Phoenix, Arizona. Retired U.S. Navy Master Chief Petty Officer Marcus Hensley Co-Chairman of the Arizona Silent Service Memorial (ASSM) was Master of Cermonies. Here are his welcoming remarks and ceremonial activities.  Thanks to those who took the time to record the event and share their photographs.  Click here for the event's program.  Others can be found posted on the USSVI's Perch Base Chapter's website.



Dedication Ceremony Welcoming Remarks


   Good morning and welcome to the Public dedication ceremony for the Arizona Silent Service Memorial.  Please silence your phones.  I am Master Chief Submarine Qualified Marcus Hensley and I will be your Master of Ceremonies this morning.  I would like to extend a special welcome to our many guest and thank them for taking their out of their busy schedules to be with us this morning and most especially to all Submarine Veterans. 


  Will all in attendance please rise and remain standing for the invocation, parading the colors, anthem, and Pledge of allegiance.


   Invocation – Our invocation will be led by Perch Base Chaplain, Torpedoman Senior Chief Submarine Qualified Governor Joy.


   Color guard Parade the Colors.


   Playing of the Anthem.


   All citizens of the United States will please join in the pledge of Allegiance.


   Color Guard retire the colors.


   We would like to thank the Navy Talent Acquisition Command Southwest Sailors for providing our color guard detail this morning. 


   Please be seated.


   The Tolling of the boats Ceremony is a time-honored tradition to toll our lost boats and honor their memory.  The ceremony this morning will be conducted by the United States Submarine Veteran’s incorporated Perch Base Commander Lt. George Woods and Machinist Mate Master Chief Submarine Qualified James Andrews.


USS F-4 SS-23 lost on March 25,1915 – 21 lives Lost – BELL

USS F-1 SS-20 lost on December 16, 1917 – 19 lives loss – BELL

USS Seawolf SS-128 lost on March 12, 1920 – 4 lives lost – BELL

USS S-5 SS 110 lost on September 1, 1920 – No lives lost – BELL

USS O-5 SS-66 lost on October 20,1923 – 5 lives lost – BELL

USS S-51 SS-162 lost on September 25, 1925 – 33 lives lost – BELL

USS S-4 SS-109 lost on December 17, 1927 – 39 lives lost – BELL

USS Squalus SS-192 lost on May 23, 1939 – 0 lives lost – BELL

USS O-9 SS-70 lost on June 20, 1941 – 33 Lives lost – BELL

USS Sealion SS-195 lost on December 10, 1941 – 4 lives lost – BELL

USS S-36 SS-141 lost on January 20, 1942 – 1 life lost – BELL

USS S-26 SS-131 lost on January 24, 1942 – 46 lives lost – BELL

USS Perch SS-176 lost on March 3, 1942 – 6 Lives lost – BELL

USS Trigger SS-237 lost on March 28th, 1942 – 89 lives lost – BELL

USS S-27 SS-132 lost on June 19, 1942 – 0 lives lost – BELL

USS Grunion SS-216 lost on July 31, 1942 – 70 lives lost – BELL

USS S-39 SS-144 lost on August 14, 1942 – 0 lives lost – BELL

USS Argonaut SS-166 lost on January 10, 1943 – 102 lives lost – BELL

USS Amberjack SS-219 lost on February 14, 1943 – 72 lives lost – BELL

USS Grampus SS-207 lost between February and March 1943 – 71 lives lost - BELL

USS Triton SS-201 lost on March 15, 1943 – 74 lives lost – BELL

USS Pickerel SS-177 lost on April 3, 1943 – 74 lives lost – BELL

USS Grenadier SS-210 lost on April 22, 1943 – 4 lives lost – BELL

USS Runner SS-275 lost on June 1, 1943 – 78 lives lost – BELL

USS R-12 SS-89 lost on June 12, 1943 – 42 lives lost – BELL

USS Pompano SS-181 lost between August and September 1943 – 77 lives lost - BELL

USS Grayling SS 209 lost on September 9, 1943 – 76 lives lost - BELL

USS Cisco SS-290 lost on September 28, 1943 – 76 lives lost – BELL

USS Dorado SS-248 lost on October 1, 1943 – 77 lives lost – BELL

USS S-44 SS-155 lost on October 7, 1943 – 57 lives lost – BELL

USS Wahoo SS-238 lost on October 11, 1943 – 80 lives lost – BELL

USS Capelin SS-289 lost on November 1, 1943 – 76 lives lost – BELL

USS Corvina SS-226 lost on November 16, 1943 – 82 lives lost – BELL

USS Sculpin SS-191 lost on November 19, 1943 – 63 lives lost – BELL

USS Scorpion SS-278 lost during January 1944 – 76 lives lost – BELL

USS Grayback SS-208 lost February 27,1944 – 80 lives lost – BELL

USS Tulibee SS-284 lost on March 26, 1944 – 79 lives lost – BELL

USS Gudgeon SS-211 lost on April 18, 1944 – 79 lives lost – BELL

USS Trout SS-202 lost on April 29, 1944 – 81 lives lost – BELL

USS Herring SS-233 lost on June 1, 1944 – 83 lives lost – BELL

USS Golet SS-361 lost on June 14, 1944 – 82 lives lost – BELL

USS S-28 SS-133 lost on July 4, 1944 – 44 lives lost – BELL

USS Robalo SS-273 lost on July 26, 1944 – 78 lives lost – BELL

USS Flier SS-250 lost on August 13, 1944 – 78 lives lost – BELL

USS Harder SS-257 lost on August 24, 1944 – 79 lives lost – BELL

USS Seawolf SS-197 lost on October 3, 1944 – 100 lives lost – BELL

USS Escolar SS-294 lost on October 17, 1944 – 82 lives lost – BELL

USS Darter SS-227 lost on October 24, 1944 – 0 lives lost – BELL

USS Shark SS-314 lost on October 24, 1944 – 88 lives lost – BELL

USS Tang SS-306 lost on October 24, 1944 – 78 lives lost – BELL

USS Albacore SS-218 lost on November 7, 1944 – 85 lives lost – BELL

USS Growler SS-215 lost on November 8, 1944 – 86 lives lost – BELL

USS Scamp SS-277 lost on November 11, 1944 – 83 lives lost – BELL

USS Swordfish SS-193 lost on January 1, 1945 – 89 lives lost – BELL

USS Barbel SS-316 lost on February 4, 1945 – 81 lives lost – BELL

USS Kete SS-369 lost on March 20, 1945 – 87 lives lost – BELL

USS Snook SS-379 lost on April 9, 1945 – 84 lives lost – BELL

USS Lagarto SS-371 lost on May 3, 1945 – 86 lives lost – BELL

USS Bonefish SS-223 lost on June 19, 1945 – 85 lives lost – BELL

USS Bullhead SS-332 lost on August 26, 1945 – 84 lives lost – BELL

USS Cochino SS-345 lost on August 26, 1949 – 7 lives lost – BELL

USS Stickleback SS-415 lost on May 29, 1958 – 26 lives lost – BELL

USS Thresher SSN-593 lost on April 10, 1963 – 129 lives lost – BELL

USS Scorpion SSN-589 lost on May 27, 1968 – 99 lives lost – BELL


   And we should remember the Submarine Sailors who have given their lives in incidents where the Submarine itself was not lost.  BELL


     I now have the honor and pleasure to introduce our guest Speaker today.  Captain Vernon Parks. The highlight of his career was obviously serving with me or maybe it was being in Command of the USS Santa Fe SSN-763 where he led us out of the yards, on a great deployment, and to the Battle E for 2009.  During this tour, he also pinned his favorite Chief to Senior Chief.  I won’t tell you who that was.  Before Santa Fe he did sea tours onboard the Baton Rouge, Hyman Rickover, Louisiana, and Helena.  He also was the Commodore of SUBDEVRON 12 in the submarine capital of the world where he oversaw 9 Los Angeles and Virginia class Submarines.  He did some stuff on shore as well however as all of us who served in Submarines know that stuff just doesn’t matter.  Please click here to read Captain Parks' speech.



Following are the remarks he made at the dedication of the memorial. Included are remarks made by ??? and ???. Photographs of the event follows as well and more can be found on the USSVI's Perch Base Chapter's website.  The ASSM Foundation Committee sends their deepest appreciation to all who attended the event and thank you for their dedication to pepetuate the memory of all submarines and their crews. The Foundation continues to be in need of financial support to maintain the facility.  Consider making a tax deductible donation or purchasing a brick paver. 







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